Stay thirsty

Free water is provided at all of our bars. If you are unsure where you can locate free water, please ask one of the members of our staff. Remember, it is important to sip water regularly throughout the night and stay hydrated.

Take 5

Dancing all night can be tiring work, so it’s important to take a moment for yourself and get some fresh air. If you need a chill zone to go to, please ask a member of staff.


Let the team know if you feel unwell

If you start to feel unwell please let a member of the team know, we will have an on site medic who will be able to help you straight away. No matter the reason for you feeling unwell, please tell us. Your safety and wellbeing is our number one priority.


Community Matters

If you see a friend or fellow clubber unwell or uncomfortable, check they’re ok. And if you need extra assistance please find one of our team members, we’re here to help.


No means No

If you are being sexually harassed verbally or physically, or witness someone else feeling uncomfortable, please report it to a member of staff immediately. We take any forms of harassment very seriously in our home and we have a ZERO TOLERANCE policy. Anyone reported taking part in sexual harassment will be banned from our venue.


Everyone is welcome in our house

Everyone is welcome in our home, we DO NOT tolerate any forms of homophobia, transphobia, biphobia, racism, ageism or ableism. If anyone is reported acting in such a way, you will be instantly removed from our venue and banned.


Zero drug policy

We are a Zero Drug Policy venue, if illegal drugs are found during entry search, they will be confiscated and the customer may be refused entry. If anyone is found to be selling or using drugs in the venue they will be removed and reported to the police.

Personal medication policy

If you need to bring prescribed medication to the venue please let us know in advance by contacting our Community Manager at [email protected].

We will arrange our Night Manager and Medic to meet you and store your medication safely in the medic room. This will be recorded and a ticket handed to you which will be identical to the one kept on the medication.

Your name and what the medication is will be written in the medicine log book. When you need to access your medication you will need to take it in the medic room with a Medic present.

If you do have such a prescription, you should keep it in its original packaging, with the dispensing label on it, as it contains information about the medicine and the person it is prescribed for. And bring a copy of the persciption with you.

Acceptable forms of ID include:

>valid passport
>photo driving licence
>proof of age card, such as a PASS card from the national Proof of Age
Standards Scheme.

Possessing cannabis is illegal, whatever you’re using it for. That includes medical use cannabis products, unless these have been prescribed for you as explained above.

If customers asking to carry in their medication and cannot provide the above information, they can be refused entry or have the medication confiscated and returned to the customer when they leave.”

-Islington Borough Council

The following is NOT allowed into the venue:

>Any medication that is not in its original packaging

>Hypodermic needles (if to be used for insulin purposes or for Anphalaxis
reactions, medics will hold the medication and needles in the medic room for safe keeping)

Administration of such medicines that require hypodermic needles must be done in the medic room under supervision of our in house medic team.